There are numerous websites that offer online guitar lessons. Some of them are paid for and some are free. While beginners get tempted to search for free sites, paid for lessons are far much better and are the ones you should go for.

Best Online Guitar Lessons to Check Out

Paid sites have a large collection of lessons, good quality videos, dedicated tutors, and other features that free ones lack. They also offer the best step by step guide and excellent feedback. Below is a compilation of top sites that offer best online guitar lessons.

1. Guitar tricks

This site is arguably the best when it comes to training yourself to play the guitar, whether a beginner or a professional seeking to perfect your skills. The site is easy to navigate and has thousands of resources. With over 11000 videos(which are downloadable) you get access to more training material to choose from than you would get from other sites. More videos are added every other month.

You get to choose a tutor from the over 40 highly experienced tutors.

With guitar tricks, you get a 14- day free trial and a 60-day money back guarantee which shows how confident they are with the quality of their lessons. Price stands at $ 14.95 a month but you have an option of paying for a yearly membership which reduces the average monthly cost.

2. JamPlay

This is another top site offering well structured guitar lessons. It has more guitar teachers compared to other sites with some tutors being members of real music bands.

However, videos on jamplay ate not downloadable and this is a disadvantage to people with slow internet connections and cannot stream them live. It also has less number of video lessons although they are trying to upload more each day.

On this site, you get a 7-day trial period and a 7-day money back guarantee. At $10.95 per month it’s definitely way cheaper than hiring a private guitar teacher.

3. Jamorama

This site another good place to trying guitar playing. Although it doesn’t have much content compared to Jamplay and GuitarTricks, it’s much cheaper.

You pay nothing for the basic membership, $4.95 a month for Jamorama plus, and $9.95 for Jamorama pro. There’s also a 14 day free trial.

4. GuitarJamz

Is the most expensive of these online guitar training sites at $29 per month., which is its main drawback. They offer a3-day trial and money back guarantee. There are lots of resources like high quality videos, softwares and additional DVD’s to buy. The site is not ideal for beginners as it offers training on specific genres.

If you are already an expert player, you will benefit from this site as you will not need to wade through step by step lessons.

Online lessons are cheaper and can be learned at the convenience of your home. They cost less and you get access to a whole lot of resources. When choosing a site to get your lessons from, check to see that what they offer is quality enough. Check if they give free trials and money back guarantees. Whether they have experiences tutors, online reviews about them, and also the navigability of their sites.